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What's New?

We are eager to spread the word about Upcoming Books in our My Goodness Series:

1. My Goodness: My Kids, Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World No Curfews, No Timeouts—No Violence, No Drugs (See Web site Bookstore)

2. My Goodness: My Kids Companion Workbook, a book for which you submit questions that promote adult-child discussions about Goodness issues. (See "Get Involved" to learn how you can participate.)

3. Your Goodness: Your Kids, a book for which you submit stories that demonstrate how your child has learned a valuable lesson about goodness or demonstrated goodness in a meaningful way. (See "Get Involved" to learn how you can participate.)

The Goodness Series continues with its winning three-book-per-topic format:

In addition to its Goodness Series, Grassroots Publishing Group will be offering many titles from a variety of authors. We enjoy working with nonfiction writers who have the potential to make a positive impact on society. Explore with us the concept of Goodness within the following subject matter areas: fatherhood, fitness, education, childbirth, home buying, auto maintenance, feng shui, Kaballah, Shakespeare, health issues, and more.

The 6-Minute Home Inspection Guide for the Home Buyer & the Residential Investor is in our Web site Bookstore now.

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