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My Goodness: My Kids
Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World
No Curfews, No Timeouts—No Violence, No Drugs (Book) (Spring 2008)
By Nesta A. Aharoni

"The best way to elevate the masses is to raise children properly."

Kids who are raised to be good—above and beyond any other characteristic—mature into adults who display honor and integrity in their daily lives. Children who value goodness don’t cheat on a test to get into the college of their choice. They don’t steal candy from the grocery store or grow into adults who steal office supplies from the workplace. They treat others with respect and kindness, and they don’t hurt innocent people through violence, manipulation, or cruelty.

Discover practical and thought-provoking theories and techniques that contribute to raising Good Kids:

Raise Good Kids and Save the World!


Nesta AharoniAbout the Author:
Now that the last of her three children is out of the house and on her own, author Nesta Aharoni can honestly say that she has raised three good kids. She has never suffered a sleepless night worrying about her children. From the time they were little, they were trusted to do the right thing. And they have never disappointed her. My Goodness: My Kids is the author’s response to all of the parents who continually ask her how she did it—no alcohol, no violence, no drugs, no sex. No hurting a friend. No disrespecting a parent. Common sense and intuition were the tools she used to raise three ethical, kind-hearted, contributing members of society.

A love of language has kept Nesta in the word business throughout her professional career. She began in the field of court reporting as a hearing reporter for many State Boards and Agencies. She then became a court reporting firm owner, an instructor of court reporting, and the director of a college court reporting program. She created an employment magazine with a partner, which won the Small Business of the Month award in San Diego. After the magazine was purchased by a larger publisher, Nesta remained on as its editor for nine years.

Nesta is a member of Publishers Marketing Association, Self Publishers Association of North America, and Publishers & Writers of San Diego. She has served on the state School Oversight Committee for the California Certified Shorthand Reporters Board, and on MiraCosta College's Business Department Virtual Business Advisory Board.

Nesta is creating a series of Goodness Titles. Please contact her to discover how you can participate in upcoming My Goodness projects.



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