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Excerpts From - My Goodness: My Kids
Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World
No Curfews, No Timeouts—No Violence, No Drugs (Book) (Spring 2008)
By Nesta A. Aharoni

  1. "My kids didn't need to smoke or drink to fit in. They delighted in not fitting in."

  2. "Instead of my kids saying, 'Mom, everybody's doing it,' they were and are proud to say, 'Mom, nobody's doing this.'"

  3. "Marrying my husband was not the luck of the draw. It was a decision I made, and it has affected the moral fiber of my children."

  4. "I dropped the idea of a curfew. I added the idea that my children's behavior today would define their tomorrow."

  5. "All of your value-instilling techniques can come to naught if your children choose to hang out with cohorts who do not live by your family's standards."

  6. "I was never concerned whether my children got into Stanford or Yale. Rather, I was dedicated to the notion that my children would attend the college they deserved to attend."

  7. Apologies remove defensiveness and turn potential arguments into open and honest communication."

  8. "R-rated movies, with parental guidance and instruction, have contributed more to my children's character than yet another silly summer show."

  9. "Praise that is given when no praise has been earned can create a false sense of self that can tumble like a house of cards when it is challenged."

  10. "I remember times I punished my children—many times. But my memory is not of sullen expressions, angry voices, slamming doors, or high-pitched yells. Instead, it is often of negotiation, creativity, cooperation—and even laughter."

  11. "My choice to discipline my toddlers was actually a choice not to discipline my teenagers."

  12. "Of course we want our children to be professionally successful, well liked, financially independent, and happy. But the world will benefit most from children who are raised primarily to be good.


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