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My Goodness: My Kids (publication date April 2008) inspires us to work together to stop bad behavior and to build character. Family by family, community by community, we can turn this country’s youth violence statistics around.

Submit a story that demonstrates how your child has learned a valuable lesson about goodness or demonstrated goodness in a meaningful way. Your story may be chosen for print in our upcoming Your Goodness: Your Kids follow-up book.

Submit open-ended, scenario questions that promote adult-child discussion about goodness issues. Your questions may be chosen for print in our upcoming My Goodness: My Kids Companion Workbook. (Example: You are in sixth grade, and you just saw your best friend smoking a cigarette with a group of rebellious kids. What should you do? Tell his parents? Tell your parents? Confront the group? Notify a teacher?) Please indicate the appropriate age or grade for your question, from toddler (i.e., sharing issues) to teen (i.e., peer pressure issues).

Create or join a My Goodness: My Kids Play/Discussion Group that encourages parents to discuss open-ended goodness questions with their kids in a group setting. Questions will come straight out of our Companion Workbook, which will be written by you.

Receive a My Goodness: My Kids Recognition Certificate for your child by submitting a story that demonstrates honorable behavior.

Participate in our My Goodness: My Kids annual City Competition by submitting, and encouraging others in your area to submit, stories of good kids displaying kindness, empathy, and integrity. Join us in celebrating the My Goodness: My Kids City of the Year.

Share My Goodness: My Kids Merchandise with kids, family, and friends. Visit the Bookstore.

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