My Goodness: My Kids
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My Goodness:My KidsMy Goodness: My Kids
Cultivating Decency in a Dangerous World
By Nesta A. Aharoni

Children who are raised to value goodness don't cheat on a test to get into the college of their choice. They don't steal candy from the grocery or grow into adults who steal office supplies from the workplace. They treat others with respect and kindness, and they don't hurt innocent people through violence, manipulation or cruelty.
Discover practical and thought-provoking theories and techniques that contribute to raising Good Kids.


The Six Minute Home Inspection GuideThe 6-Minute Home Inspection Guide for the Home Buyer & Residential Investor
By Eitan Aharoni

If you are a home buyer or a residential investor, this is the book for you. Learn to quickly and systematically eliminate as many as 90% of the homes and condos you view before you buy.



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