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Grassroots Publishing Group, Inc.

Grassroots Publishing Group, Inc. is making Goodness its Priority. We publish it, discuss it, celebrate it, and pass it on.

With our series of My Goodness books, Grassroots Publishing Group is laying the groundwork for a National Goodness Movement. We are committed to sharing goodness and child-rearing ideas, techniques, and lay wisdom through print, discussion groups, and other interactive programs.

My Goodness: My Kids inspires parents around the world to focus on goodness and character building—above and beyond any other characteristic. Good kids mature into good adults who display honor and integrity in their daily lives.

After My Goodness: My Kids, look for the My Goodness: My Kids Companion Workbook. It is designed to encourage parents to establish My Goodness Play/Discussion Groups and guide them through the My Goodness process. As helpful as it is to read a book about instilling character through parenting, it is even more effective to have a concrete course of action that has been based on the lay wisdom of many active parents. (See "Get Involved" to learn how you can participate.)

Our Companion Workbook will be followed by Your Goodness: Your Kids. This book will give you an opportunity to share the methodologies and techniques that either worked successfully or challenged you as you were raising good children. Send us your stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned (by parents and kids). Impart your wit, charm, wisdom, and sense of humor. We will include as many of your stories as we can in our upcoming Your Goodness: Your Kids book.

Grassroots Publishing Group is proud to award Goodness Certificates to children who have displayed honorable character. And we are eager to celebrate our annual My Goodness City Competition with you and your children. (See "Get Involved" to learn how you can participate.)

Submit questions to be printed in our My Goodness: My Kids Companion Workbook and forward Goodness Stories to be printed in Your Goodness: Your Kids as follows:

By fax: 760-730-9580
By e-mail:

By mail: Grassroots Publishing Group, Inc.,
Suite 108A, #116,
300 Carlsbad Village Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008-1103.


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